Cappadocia, is one of the world’s unique regions that combines a long history starting from the Neolithic Period, with its fascinating natural beauties that spread all over the region including the fairy chimneys, volcanoes and valleys; a cultural heritage especially descending from the Ottoman, Greek and Seljukian periods and an animated daily life of the Cappadocians with a variety of products ranging from grapes and apricots to world famous hand-woven carpets and ceramics.

Starting the day early experiencing a wonderful hot air balloon ride, then going to the depths of the volcanic tuff, discovering the underground city where the early Christians took refuge from Roman persecutions, later glaring at the relaxing scenery of the the Erciyes Volcano behind the fairy chimneys in Goreme Valley or visiting the rock-cut churches from the Greek period ornamented by wonderful frescoes and finally dining with a glass of local wine are the daily routines of a unique experience in Cappadocia, 

and before slepping a show of folkloric dances and a ‘sema’ (ceremony) of the whirling dervishes can be added to your evening programme.

“The country of beautiful horses” of the Hittites invites you to peace, tranquility, amazement and total well-being.

El Puente Cave Hotel

kapadokya hotel 1Our place “El puente Cave Hotel”, situated in the most beautiful part of the ancient Greek town of Ibrahimpasa (or Babayan), welcomes you for a pleasant stay in the center of Cappadocia, just within a ten-minutes drive from main touristic attractions like Uchisar, Goreme and Ortahisar towns, the fairy chimneys and Goreme Open Air Museum.

El Puente Cave Hotel Cappadocia Vintage Entry 0241 The family run “El puente hotel” which is composed of caves and three stone houses, including a Greek one which is 200 hundred years old, aims to provide a pleasant experience for all travellers who are looking for a tranquil and authentic place to stay in Cappadocia with a touch of luxury.

El Puente Cave Hotel Cappadocia Taste the delicious wine 0231Our visitors may prefer to stay in our caves or traditional stone rooms, wake up to a delicious home-made breakfast in the shade of a chestnut tree and enjoy an unforgettable dinner with a glass of wine in our garden overlooking the beautiful Babayan Bridge on the Balkan Valley. Anyone who is willing to discover the amazing Cappadocia region during their stay, can reach the most beautiful parts of it very easily -as the majority of these sights are in the vicinity of our hotel- or may join our guided tours.

El Puente Cave Hotel Cappadocia Garden view from entrance of cave room 0151In the afternoon our guests may take a walk to the authentic farmers’ town of Ibrahimpasa, a hidden beauty which still conserves its traditional life style and its natural environment, with its old Greek houses, valleys and people. Overall, our hotel and the unforgettable moments of your “romantic experience in a picturesque village” are waiting for you…

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